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My name is Ryan Thaut.

This is my (often neglected) personal website.

A Quick Introduction

I write roughly one blog post per year; you can read them here. I also work on a few side projects in my free time; you can view them here. I am self-employed as an enterprise cloud development consultant and small business web guru; if you need help with an enterprise cloud integration, or if you want to get your small business online, you can find out more here.

My Background

I grew up in Casper, Wyoming. I have always had an interest in computers; my grandfather worked for IBM for much of his life, and he shared his passion for technology with me as often as he could. In Junior High (a.k.a. Middle School) we had a computer lab where everyone was required to make their own website as one of the early assignments in computer class. I was instantly hooked; being able to make something interactive where I could immediately see the changes as I worked was pure magic.

By the time I was in High School I was designing, building, and maintaining websites for several local businesses and organizations. Web design and development had become one of my part time jobs, but it wasn't until I took a Visual Basic programming class my junior year that I started programming for more than just the web. In college I majored in Computer Science, graduating in 2010 with a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science degree from the Montana State University.

During college I interned at RightNow Technologies, and transitioned into a full-time position immediately after graduation. My time as a freelance developer prepared me very well for the world of cloud software development consulting; while I enjoy being a web/software developer, I enjoy working with customers and developing solutions to their problems even more.

Current Work & Interests

I primarily work with national and international enterprise organizations as an independent developer and consultant. Mr primary focus with those clients is integrating a customizing cloud systems, typically centered around Oracle's Service Cloud (with is what RightNow's CX became after the Oracle acquisition). However, I also work with small (usually – but not exclusively – local) businesses to create and/or improve their online presence. If you are curious about utilizing me for either of those services, please head to my business site.

Most of my hobbies outside of "work" are still technology-focused. I developed and maintain a couple of browser extensions, as well as tools I use for those extensions, which are listed on my projects page. I play video games (on both PC and Xbox) with my friends and family, typically a few evenings each week. I read sci-fi and action/thriller novels before bed. I don't drink coffee, but my days are long if I don't have a Mountain Dew in the early afternoon.

Finally, even though I've had an online presence for nearly twenty years, I still don't really know what else I should put here; that said, if you have specific questions, I encourage you to contact me.