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Who Am I

Eventually I will take the time to write about myself. Until then, this page is not about me; it's more about me not yet having written about myself.

Freelance Services

Web Development & Design

I often do both the design work for a new website, as well as the development work. Occasionally, I will only do one or the other, but I like to think of myself as a self-proclaimed web "deviner" (that’s "developer" and "designer" mashed together). I have worked with a wide variety of clients, from churches and small businesses, to enterprise-level corporations, and even the occasional adult website.

I typically build simple websites that don’t require databases, but I have worked extensively with MySQL. I avoid building custom Content Management Systems (CMS), as I find they are far too expensive for most clients, especially when free, powerful alternatives like WordPress exist.

WordPress Themes

If you read the previous paragraph, you would probably have noted that I work with WordPress when my clients require a Content Management System. Typically, my clients already have their content created within their own WordPress database, and they are simply looking for a "facelift" of their site.

This simply means that they need a new theme built that can display their data in a new way. I also use WordPress for my personal sites, and I try to create new themes for each of them at least once a year, both for practice and to expand my portfolio.

Interface Design

I seem to have done more interface design in recent years than web design, which is absolutely fine with me. I have designed the User Interfaces (UI) for several mobile applications and their corresponding widgets. I also created the interface for a Flash-based flowchart creation web application.

My first real interface design work was creating skins for the game content distribution system Steam, although regrettably I have not had the spare time to create skins for the newest version of Steam.