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My Projects

These are my most polished and/or active projects

You can find all of my open source projects (including the ones listed below) on GitHub

Promotional Screenshot for YouTube Popout Player Browser Extension

This browser extension provides a simple way to open any YouTube video or playlist (including videos and playlists embedded in other sites/pages) in a configurable “popout” window which you can freely position and resize.

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Promotional Screenshot for DeviantArt Filter Browser Extension

This browser extension allows configurable filtering/removal of deviations by user, tag, and/or category on DeviantArt.

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This is a set of AngularJS directives for utilizing the browser extension internationalization (i18n) functionality.

This is a custom decorator for Angular Schema Form that generates Bootstrap 3’s custom panel component.

This is a gulp plugin that hardcodes localized messages into files that utilize browser internationalization APIs (browser.i18n.* / chrome.i18n.*).