• Open any YouTube video (including playlists) in a popout player, either as a new browser window or a new tab in your current browser window.
  • Open links to YouTube videos and/or playlists from any website in the popout player with a convenient right-click option.
  • Show or hide the video player controls in the popout player.
  • Automatically resume playback of the video when the popout player opens.
  • Loop videos (both single videos and playlists) in the popout player.
  • Multiple ways to customize the size and position of the popout player, with support for multiple displays/monitors/screens.
  • Optionally close the original video when the popout player opens.
  • Configurable keyboard shortcuts for opening the popout player.
  • ... and much more!

For more information, head to the YouTube Popout Player website.


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